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cushion sewn buff
Dico cushion sewn buff 1/4" thick

Buffing Wheel Cushion Sewn Cotton ¼" Thick - Available in 4", 6", 8" & 10" Diameters

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¼" Thick Cushion Sewn Cotton Buffing Wheel. Used for light cutting and coloring. A superior grade of fine cotton sheeting sewn together with 2 or 3 circles of lock-stitch sewing. Gives a resilient, cushioned effect when in use. This wheel is considered medium density. .

Includes: 1 buffing wheel 1/4" thick with a 1" arbor hole and 2 metal 1/2" flanges. 

Made in the USA

*For best results,  use with Dico compounds. Complete buffing instructions on our "How To Page"